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Our most important asset is our people.

Our goal is to improve the standard of living for our employees and their families. We are lucky to have over 2,500 committed persons working at our farms to bring top quality products to the market.

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In 1969

two Herrera brothers founded Jardines de Los Andes.  Armed with a visionary spirit, an understanding of the land, and the courage to embark on a new industry, the brothers started a company that has flourished for over 50 years.


As the floral industry in the United States and Europe has grown, so has Jardines de Los Andes. Over the past 50 years, they have dedicated themselves to being pioneers in breeding, cultivating and exporting fresh cut flowers.

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A family-first culture continues to resonate throughout Jardines.  Many of the key positions in the company are held by the next generation of Herreras.  Most notably, Sofia Herrera, daughter of one of the founding brothers, is the current managing director of Jardines de Los Andes. She continues to foster the same goals and beliefs that started the company so many years ago. 


In 2000,

we created Huaylas (the house of knowledge). It is a place for after school activities for families, kids and teens.

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