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World Class Flowers believes in two things above all else:

The quality of its people and the quality of its flowers.

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With these two foundational elements, we can listen to our customers and provide innovative solutions in an ever-changing marketplace.  Our flowers are a reflection of the team; behind each stem, each tone and each petal, there is a person who wanted to bring you the best.


In 1981

a small DSD operation was started in southern NJ. It was built on long hours, hard work and a desire to bring quality products and smiles to a regional market. 


It did not take long for the business to flourish. In the blink of an eye, World Class Flowers built a strong team in Miami and New Jersey and became a premier national distributor and producer of fresh floral products.

As World Class Flowers continued to grow in the market...

it became certain that a permanent home in Colombia, the source of the flowers, was needed. When an opportunity to grow with Jardines de los Andes presented itself, the path for World Class Flowers was clear.


In 2013

the two like-minded companies merged; today they work together to bring the freshest flowers from the farm to your heart.

A great organization...
Now even better

by merging the growing power of Jardines De Los Andes with the marketing and distribution expertise of World Class Flowers, we are able to provide our customers with the freshest cut flowers straight from the source.


Jardines de los Andes is a 50 year old company dedicated to breeding, cultivating and exporting fresh cut flowers. Founded in 1969 it is recognized as the premier & pioneer grower in Colombia for its innovation and top quality standards. Over 250 million flowers arrive yearly to American and European homes through florists and retail outlets making every day a special occasion.

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With over 250 hectares

our farms handle over 40 different crops and 400 different varieties.

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